The devotion to the Black Nazarene have been made popular by the many wonders wrought by God upon His devotees. Even so Jesus walked the earth, and did good to the chosen race, so also does He now look with benign eyes on all those who will be devoted to Him.

The Black Nazarene (Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno) that has came all the way from Mexico through a galleon is a life-sized, dark-colored, wooden sculpture (carver is an Aztec carpenter) of Jesus Christ which has been known to be miraculous by majority of the people, especially its Filipino devotees. The black Nazarene is currently enshrined in the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo, Manila, Philippines where novena celebrations are held every Friday throughout the whole year. Roman Catholic tradition holds that the Black Nazarene came from a boat that caught fire, turning it from its original white into black or burnt complexion. For almost 200 years, the Black Nazarene is carried into the streets for procession in a "Caroza" or golden red carriage pulled through the streets of Quiapo by male devotees clad in maroon. Every 9th of January, the feast of the Most Holy Black Nazarene is celebrated while novena masses begin on the first Friday day of the year, in honor of its weekly novena mass held every Friday. This also celebrates the Translacion or the transfer of the image to its present shrine in Quiapo. The devotion to the miraculous Black Nazarene (Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno) has attracted huge following among the public. Its popularity, which initially spread to the northern and southern provinces of Luzon, spread over time throughout the country. Devotees pay homage to the Santo Cristo Jesus Nazareno by clapping their hands in praise at the end of every Mass performed at the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene. On its feast during January 9, people believed that whoever touched the Nazarene sometimes has been healed of their diseases. Catholics come from all over Manila for the chance that they will be able to get close enough to touch the image and perhaps even receive a miracle. Some devotees also throw towels or handkerchiefs to the people guarding the statue and ask them to rub them on the statue in anticipation of carrying some of that power away with them.
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The Black Nazarene, known to devotees in Spanish as Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno (Tagalog: Poong Itim na Nazareno) is a life-sized, dark wooden sculpture of Jesus Christ carrying the cross, while representing his passion and suffering and is believed to be miraculous by many Filipino Catholics.

Originally with fair complexion, it is believed to have turned dark after the statue survived a burning galleon ship on its arrival from Mexico. The statue is currently enshrined in the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene in Quiapo district, Manila, Philippines, where it is venerated every Friday with Novena and Holy Masses.

The Black Nazarene is publicly processed on three annual occasions: New Years' Day, Good Friday, and on 9 January, when its first novena feast, official translation (Spanish: traslación) and enshrinement in the present Basilica is commemorated. The event is attended by several million.

The Black Nazarene derives its main title from the citizenship of Jesus of Nazareth, and its external local title regarding the present skin dark complexion of the statue. Atop the statue's head are the three traditional "Tres Potencias" symbolizing the three powers of the Holy Trinity, which also symbolize the "Rayos" or rays protruding from the head of the statue as a form of a Christological halo used to identify Christ in mainline traditional Hispanic iconography.

The statue's original body has lost several fingers over the years, and the original head has since been transferred several times onto a full-scale replica body by renowned Filipino sculptor Gener Manlaqui as commissioned by the Archdiocese of Manila. The statue also bears a large wooden cross with brass gold-plated ornamentation on its tip while the image's head wears a braided wig made of dyed abaca, along with its golden crown of thorns.

In addition, the image wears an embroidered maroon tunic with gold thread floral patterns embroidered into the fabric, along with lace trimmings on the collar and cuffs. A gold-plated metal belt embossed with the image's name encircles its waist, with a golden chain-ball representing the Flagellation. The barefooted statue is in a genuflecting posture, symbolizing the agony and heavy weight of the cross.

The image's wooden base is referred to as the peana, while its carriage or carroza used in processions is referred to as the Ándas (from the Spanish andar, "to move forward") and is pulled by devotees using a pair of 50-meter long ropes

The statue was made by an anonymous Mexican sculptor, and the image arrived in Manila via galleon from Acapulco, Mexico. Folk tradition attributes the dark colour of the statue to a fire on the ship that charred the originally white skin. Church records in Intramuros note that there were originally two, identical images of the Black Nazarene brought to Manila. The first was kept in the San Nicolas de Tolentino church in Bagumbayan and was later transferred to Intramuros when the former was demolished. On January 9, 1787, the Archbishop of Manila, Basilio Sancho de Santas Justa y Rufina, ordered the transfer of the Black Nazarene to its present location within the Quiapo church. This Black Nazarene was destroyed in the bombardment during the Battle of Manila in 1945.

The surviving image was given by the Recollect Order to the Parish of Saint John the Baptist, presently designated as a minor Basilica, and it has often been thought to be the one lost in the war.

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A novena may be made during the nine consecutive Fridays or even during nine consecutive days anytimeof the year. The purpose of such a special devotion is to glorify God, to sanctify ourselves and to obtain the graces necessary for our own temporal and eternal welfare.

The recommended period for making this novena is during nine consecutive Fridays starting with Septuagesima Sunday until Viernes Dolores (Friday before Palm Sunday)

Let us put all our trust in His Goodness and mercy of God who will reward for our perseverance. Jesus Nazarene will not abandon those who come to Him. It is, ernestly recommended that the devotees go to Confesion and receive Communion at least once during the novena.


Ist  Day
2nd  Day
3rd  Day
4th  Day
5th  Day
6th  Day
7th  Day
8th  Day
9th  Day

Hymn Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno
Composer: Lucio San Pedro

Tagalog Version
Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno,
Sinasambá Ka namin,
Pinipintuhň Ka namin
Aral Mo ang aming buhay
at Kaligtasan.
Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno,
Iligtás Mo kami sa Kasalanan.
Ang Krus Mong kinamatayán ay
Sagisag ng aming Kaligtasan.

Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno,
Dinarangál Ka namin!
Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno,
Nilul'walhatě Ka namin!

English version
Our Father Jesus Nazarene
We worship Thee
We admire Thee
Thy teachings are our life
and salvation.
Our Father Jesus Nazarene,
Save us from sin.
The Cross Thou hadst died upon is
Emblem of our salvation.

Our Father Jesus Nazarene,
We honour Thee!
Our Father Jesus Nazarene,
We glorify Thee!

Recommended References - Books, CD's, DVD's, Arts Works, etc....

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Pilgrims and Devotees Taking Part in Annual Black Nazarene Procession,Manila, Philippines
Photographic Print by Alain Evrard. Product size approximately 18 x 24 inches. Available at Embrace your Space - your source for high quality fine art posters and prints.

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Crowds of Pilgrims and Devotees, Black Nazarene Festival, Downtown, Manila, Philippines
Alain Evrard Crowds of Pilgrims and Devotees, Black Nazarene Festival, Downtown, Manila, Philippines - Photographic Print

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Jesus of Nazareth Depicted as the King of Glory with Symbols of the Four Evangelists at the Corners
Print by . Product size approximately 18 x 24 inches. Available at Embrace your Space - your source for high quality fine art posters and prints.

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La vida secreta de Jesus de Nazaret/ The Secret Life of Jesus of Nazareth

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Jesus of Nazareth: Who Is He?

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A Study Guide for Jesus of Nazareth

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1 A Rabbi Looks at Jesus of Nazareth

Raised in a traditional Jewish family, international television host Jonathan Bernis was taught from a young age that Jews don't--and can't!--believe in Jesus. Yet in his study of the Bible, including the Torah, he found overwhelming evidence that Jesus of Nazareth really was the Jewish Messiah.With warmth and transparency, Bernis talks about discovering Jesus in history, too, and how it was that the Jewish Yeshua became the Gentile Jesus. By presenting historic evidence that Jesus is Messiah and refuting common Jewish objections, Bernis gives Christians the knowledge and tools they need to share their Lord with their Jewish friends in a loving, effective way.

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Jesus of Nazareth with His Right Hand Raised in a Blessing Gesture

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Mary Magdalen Repentant Prostitute Associated with Jesus of Nazareth

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Jesus of Nazareth Jesus as the Healer

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Charlton Heston Presents The Bible Jesus of Nazareth The Passion Double Feature DVD

In the beginning. before there was a written language the stories in the Bible were told to people sitting around a campfire in the dark listening to the tales of what had happened and what was yet to come. Now Academy Award winning actor Charlton Heston (Ben Hur) recaptures all the passion the power the Drama and the sheer beauty those first storytellers passed on to us with his own dazzling New exploration of the greatest stories ever told. Jesus of Nazareth: tells of the amazing life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Here is the story of His humble birth in a Bethlehem manger. of the wise men bearing gifts. and of Herod s fierce futile search for the child. You ll hear of Christ s baptism in the River Jordan and of His search for the disciples. Witness Jesus temptation in the wilderness the Sermon on the Mount the healing of the blind and the overthrow of the moneychangers in the temple. The Passion: Dramatically presents the tragic and triumphant coda to the New Testament: the Passion Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. You ll be present with Jesus and His disciples at the Last Supper in Gethsemane where Judas betrays Christ with a kiss. Witness the Drama of His trial before Pilate and the crowds. the struggle of His walk with the cross. the moving power of His Crucifixion. and the joyful triumph of His Ascension. Shot on location in the Holy Land this incredible production is more than great literature come to life. It is a walk through history itself. Original Title: Charlton Heston Presents The Bible Jesus of Nazareth / The Passion (Double Feature). Actors: Charlton Heston. Director: Tony Westman. Condition: New. Format: DVD. Format Size: Fullscreen. Runtime: 124 mins. Language: English. Region code: Region 1. Discs: 1. Rating: Unrated. Genre: Documentary. Subgenre: Educational. Release Year: 2004.

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Jesus of Nazareth (DVD)

Zeffirelli's award-winning film with an all-star cast that depicts the life of Christ from His birth through His Resur rection. This epic production is acclaimed for its thorough Biblical and historical accuracy, with six hours of superb acting, beautiful music, and outstanding cinematography. This powerful film brings you closer to Christ and will be a blessing for every home. Starring Robert Powell, Olivia Hussey, Laurence Olivier, James Mason, Anthony Quinn and many others.

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Jesus of Nazareth - Pope Benedict XVI - Large Print Paperback

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Blood and Silk: The Hidden Love Story of Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth

Blood and Silk: The Hidden Love Story of Mary of Magdala and Jesus of Nazareth is author Carol McKay's gift to everyone fascinated by the life of Mary of Magdala-Mary Magdalene-and her often misunderstood relationship to Jesus of Nazareth. In this beautifully crafted historical novel, the reader is guided through a time rich with art and architecture, and fraught with change and controversy. Mary's narration introduces us to first-century Judea, when the atmosphere crackled with fear, and determination of friend or foe was often difficult, if not impossible. As much as theologians paint the story about Mary and Jesus as straightforward and even simple in nature, the author reminds us that theirs was a love weighed down and complicated by the politics of the day. The story of Mary, and then Mary and Jesus, is intricate and often as perilous as the times in which they lived. Founded on historical accuracy and an eye for a well-told story, this is a novel that will fascinate and delight.

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Jesus of Nazareth Depicted as the King of Glory with Symbols of the Four Evangelists at the Corners

Giclee Print by . Product size approximately 18 x 24 inches. Available at Embrace your Space - your source for high quality fine art posters and prints.

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Only Jesus of Nazareth Can Be the God of Israel's Righteous Servant

Using his skills developed as a federal investigator, plus spending thousands of hours debating both Judaism's counter-missionaries and Muslims, the author creates an airtight case that only Jesus of Nazareth can be Israel's King Messiah. All the thoughts of this book were developed through the fires of debate. The heart of this book is Isaiah 53 and Isaiah 9: 6,7. Rather than just examining Isaiah 53 separately, it is examined in the context of Isaiah's Four Servant Songs. This unique approach provides the reader with overwhelming scriptural evidence that Jesus of Nazareth is the God of Israel's Righteous Servant. Isaiah 9: 6,7 is also looked at in its context: the Day of the LORD, which is yet future. These two verses are prophetic being fulfilled at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Isaiah 9: 6,7 is the national confession of Israel - that the Lord Jesus is their King Messiah. This book gives the reader overwhelming evidence to both defend and proclaim the faith. It provides wonderful material for Sunday school and sermons along with being a great witnessing tool. John McTernan is a lifetime student of the Bible, especially prophecy relating to the nation of Israel and the first and second coming of the Lord Jesus. He authored the acclaimed God's Final Warning to America and the best seller As America Has Done To Israel. During numerous appearances on television, radio, and in seminars he has defended Israel in light of Biblical prophecy. In 1974, John became involved with the Pro-Life Movement and is a Pro-Life leader in central Pennsylvania. He co-founded International Cops for Christ where he serves as an ordained chaplain. John was a US Treasury agent for 26 years until retiring in1998. He holds a B.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is married and the father of four children.

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A Course in Miracles Urtext Manuscripts Complete Seven Volume Combined Edition

A Course in Miracles Urtext Manuscripts is a collection of all seven canonical volumes of the world renowned Third Testament under one cover. It represents the oldest available typed copy of the words dictated by a voice to professor, research psychologist and Scribe Helen Schucman, Ph.D. between 1965 and 1978. The voice, claimed Schucman, was Jesus. This edition predates all others currently in print. It is available in two cover styles, one plain burgundy and another with a painting The Resurrection by Pieter Lastman, made available by the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, CA, USA. There is a free companion website with concordances and source material libraries. An optional 4.5 Gb/DVD containing an enhanced edition of the website, concordances, over 10,000 pages of source material, a synthesized audio reading of the 31 chapter text and several editions of the King James Bible is available in some editions. The Urtext Manuscripts include extensive discussions of the Bible, sex, possession, Freud and other topics which were edited out of other editions. There are over 2400 footnotes to references on variant ACIM readings and Bible verses. The book also includes extensive appendices with commentary on the versions and history of A Course in Miracles by the compiler of this remarkable edition, Doug Thompson. The Urtext Manuscripts are ideal for students and teachers who wish to deepen their knowledge of A Course in Miracles and its unique approach to life and the teachings of the Bible. This edition seeks not to be the final rendition of A Course in Miracles, but rather one giant leap toward the greater goal of getting the words right. In that light, the reader may expect future editions to contain updates in textual scholarship, biblical references, appendices, added indexing, DVD contents and more.

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Jesus of Nazareth Medal "EXCLUSIVE"

All Religious Medals are Customizable. We can change spelling, names etc, ex change quotPray for Usquot to quotPray For Mequot. Just let us know in quotspecial instructionsquotif you would like it for a charm bracelet, request a split ring instead of a bail in the quotspecial instructionsquotThe Image depicts the Lord Jesus Christ carrying the cross, while wearing the crown of thorns. The image was inspired by a Vermeer painting., 2/3 inch size of dime, Sterling Silver

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The Handmaid and the Carpenter

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Jesus Of Nazareth: The Passion

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Jesus of Nazareth, Part Two - Pope Benedict XVI - Hardcover

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Life of a Galilean Shaman: Jesus of Nazareth in Anthropological-Historical Perspective

The aim of historical Jesus research is to identify the authentic material from which the historical figure as a social type underneath the overlay is constructed. Anthropological historiography offers an alternative framework for dealing with Jesus of Nazareth as a social personage fully embedded in a first-century Mediterranean worldview and the Gospels as cultural artefacts related to this figure. This cross-cultural model represents a religious pattern that refers to a family of features for describing those religious entrepreneurs who, based on regular Altered State of Consciousness experiences, perform a specific set of social functions in their communities.

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Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Pope and Jesus of Nazareth: Christ, Scripture and the Church

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Taboo and Transgression: Jesus of Nazareth
Using the analytical tools of cultural anthropology, Ida Magli delves into the familiar material of the New Testament the same way as she would any other historical text, and carefully separates the myth and mysticism from the narrative accounts, to discern what is most likely to be historical fact, and what may instead have been adjusted so as no to clash with the customs and worldview of the authors of the Gospels. What emerges is a new understanding of just how far and drastically Jesus of Nazareth challenged the religious views of his time, defying traditions and repeatedly risking his ministry by breaking some of the most severe taboos. Among the many transgressions that are made clear in Ida Magli's analysis is Jesus' denial of the preeminence of blood-ties and family as the reason and foundation of love, when at the house of Lazarus he elects those sitting around him as his true family (Matthew: 12: 46); and again when he invites a young man to defy the ancient Jewish observance of mourning his dead father, and follow him instead (Matthew 8: 22). As the author reveals, the very principles of Jesus' teachings advocate a universal, indiscriminate love of one's fellow man, and not merely love and respect for kith and kin. By this standard, all people are equal to each other in the eyes of God. Each person is a vessel for communicating directly with God, and there is no further need for priestly hierarchies, go-betweens, or mediation in the me/thee equation with God himself. This tidal shift in perspective automatically entailed the empowerment of women and their emancipation from their subservient role in society, kindling their self-awareness and comprehension of their equal status.To endorse her point, Magli chooses the extraordinary account of the penitent woman entering the house of a Pharisee where Jesus was eating (Luke 7: 44), and washing his feet, to the astonishment and incomprehension of all around him. The act was so bold and incomprehensible that in all likelihood it was retold with great precision, because the evangelists failed to understand its true meaning, nor could they grasp Jesus' intentions as he blessed the adoring woman and let her go. Here as in other instances, Magli demonstrates that wherever in the Gospels the deeds and words of Jesus veer drastically from what the evangelists were accustomed to, their accounts are more credible and pertinent to Jesus' fundamental message of universal love, as they did not think of finding justifications or fabricating the events related. Conversely, where the accounts evidently comply with the tradition and lore of the time, these are passages where the evangelists adjusted the text to fit in with their own spiritual worldview and religious background. For anyone who believes they knew the Gospels thoroughly already, or those who are interested in a new way of looking at these familiar texts, Ida Magli's fascinating study will bring many rewards, and stimulate further inquiry into

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jesus of Nazareth Lord and Christ: Essays on the Historical Jesus and New Testament Christology
The problem of the historical Jesus remains one of the most important themes in New Testament scholarship. Closely related to this problem is the question, How far can the impact made by the earthly Jesus and his own self-understanding sustain the weight of the Christological construction put upon them by the early church? The thirty outstanding essays in this volume offer a fresh assessment of a wide range of New Testament data and methods pertinent to our understanding of Jesus and his significance both in his time and ours.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jesus of Nazareth - Pope Benedict XVI - Audio Compact Disc - Unabridged

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Vespasian a Roman Emperor Who Stated There Was No Such Person Among the Jews as Jesus of Nazareth - J. M. Roberts - Paperback

by J. M. Roberts in Paperback for the low price of 8.95. Find this product in Religion > Christian Theology - Christology

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Jesus of Nazareth (Two-Disc Set)

Beginning before the Nativity and extending through the Crucifixion and Resurrection Jesus Of Nazareth brings to life all the majesty and sweeping drama of the life of Jesus (portrayed here by Rob...

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Jesus of Nazareth in New Testament Preaching

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Jesus of Nazareth Print 8x10

This beautiful artistic rendition of the face of our Lord Jesus is an unframed print on a thick stock with a matte finish. This beautiful print depicts exceptional color and detail.

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